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  • What sets Pete & Izzie's Social Club apart from the competition?
    We are proud to provide a personlized, 1-on-1 grooming experience for your dog in a cage-less and calming studio environment. This means we provide extra attention and take extra care to ensure your pup has the most amazing doggy spa day. As professional groomers, fellow dog parents and animal lovers, we make sure your dog looks its best and you feel comfortable and confident bringing your dog to us. Contact the dog groomer Oakland Park, FL pet owners trust at 954-440-3445 or visit us online at to schedule an appointment today.
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
    Yes please. You can book online for our Oakland Park, FL dog grooming studio by visiting You can also call us for an appointment at (954) 440-3445. We do offer walk-in nail trims Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-6:00pm.
  • What should I do to prepare for my dog's appointment?
    If it's your first visit to our Oakland Park dog grooming studio, then please bring your dog's vaccination records to your first appointment. We do require up-to-date rabies vaccinations based on Florida law. If your dog gets nervous then feel free to bring along high value treats so we can reward your pup for his/her cooperation. Otherwise we will take care of the rest. We look forward to pampering your pup!
  • What is a Fear Free Groomer?
    How many times have you seen an animal shy away from the blow dryer or the nail clippers? How about trembling in the bathtub? Many animals don’t necessarily enjoy having their feet handled, getting a haircut, or taking a bath. But there’s a lot that groomers can do to make those things more comfortable (and even fun!) for them. As a Fear Free Groomer, we utilize Fear Free concepts to ensure that the grooming experience is as enjoyable as possible for every pet, every time. We thoughfully teach animals to love the grooming table, clippers, the bathtub, the blow dryer, grooming shears, the groomer’s loop, and more. Whether it is your animal’s very first visit to the studio or they have already developed a fear, we can help them. We are trained to recognize even the most subtle signs of stress, and are well equipped on how exactly we can help a pet who is feeling stressed. Our studio environment is also setup to help ensure Fear Free grooms, from the moment a pet enters the salon, throughout the groom, and until the moment they leave. This includes shop layout, sights, sounds, smells, entrances and exits, and more. All this translates into happier dogs, more frequent & joyful visits, and satisfied pet owners!
  • Can my dog socialize at Pete & Izzie's Social Club?
    As trusted and loving pet groomers in Oakland Park, FL, we understand the value of socialization. Our socialization environment is best suited to small dogs. We make sure to provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere where your dog can make new friends in comfort. Socializing is available Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-6:00pm. We are pleased to offer Single Day or 5 Pack options.

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