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At Pete & Izzie's Social Club, we are striving to be the most loved and respected dog grooming studio in South Florida. 

We are creating an environment where you can nurture your creativity, grow your craft and find joy in building trusting relationships with our doggy clients, all while consistently offering an exceptional grooming experience. We are looking for happy, inspired, professional groomers to join our team.

Dog Groomer & Social Director

Are you?

-A polished and professional dog groomer, with at least 2 years of grooming experience.

-Passionate about providing a safe and loving environment for dogs.

-Excited about giving dogs really REALLY cute haircuts and love learning different styles and grooming trends.

-A genuinely happy person who is looking for a peaceful and joyful work place.

-Believe that dog grooming should be about quality and not quantity.

-Enjoy providing a personalized, 1-on-1 grooming experience in a cage-less grooming studio.

-Self motivated, self starter, who feels intense pride in their work. 

-Willing to step in and help out a fellow teammate because team work makes the dream work.

-Aware that your energy makes a big difference. Dogs are constantly feeling our energy so a happy groomer makes a happy dog.


Duties to include:

-Perform full grooms or tidy ups on various dogs daily.  Expectation of 4-5 dogs per day, maybe less depending on the size/breed of dogs on your schedule. Includes greeting dog and owner during consultation, bathing/blow drying, prep work, full haircut, photo at the end of the groom.

-Savvy with technology. Possess the ability to use cell phone to take photos, text dog parents, post on Social Media, use online grooming reservation system and Square POS.

-Interact with dogs socializing at the Social Club.  Includes taking dogs for walks, playing, petting, telling them how adorable they are and cleaning up accidents.

-Daily cleaning. We take pride in our Social Club and our socialites deserve it.  Assist with daily sweeping, vacuuming, laundry, mopping and taking out trash.


Other details:

Groom Studio Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 8:30am-6:00pm, Monday & Saturday: By Appointment Only.  Working hours are negotiable.

This is a full time position. Groomer will be assigned their own private grooming suite, which will include a hydraulic grooming table and tool box to be filled with their own grooming tools.

Must be fluent in English but Spanish speaking is a plus.

Does this sound too good to be true?  Well, it isn’t!  Send your resume to

We want to see your grooming style.  If you have a grooming IG account please send so we can see your work or send your portfolio.

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