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Katarina and her dog, Remi

Remi & Betty

Beth & Peyton

Beth & Izzie


Hello! My name is Katarina and I am from Serbia. I moved to Miami with my son, Stefan and husband, Mladen in March 2023. I have been a big dog lover my entire life. My mother always says that the love started when I was still in her belly because she would carry our German Shepherd puppy with her everywhere she went.

Now I am proud to say that I’m raising another animal lover, my son! We sometimes “argue” who loves our dog, Remi , the most! I have always dreamed of working with dogs so in 2018. I decided to start learning how to groom and finally found my true calling! When I moved to United States I decided to enroll into grooming school, to get a chance to learn more and grow as a professional dog groomer.

Now, as a Groomer and Social Director, I am thrilled to be a part of Pete & Izzie's Social Club, where I have the priveledge to give amazing and adorable doggies a nice spa day... and make their parents happy, I am so lucky I get to hang out, play with them, give and recieve a lot of hugs, kisses and love, whether they come for their groom or to socialize. My friends and family, knowing my passion for dogs, say that I have found a dream job and I couldn’t agree with them more!


Hi there, I'm Beth and I'm the founder and owner of Pete & Izzie's. I live in Oakland Park with my husband, Wes, and our two dogs. For the past 16 years while working in sales, I have dreamed of finding a job that I could "just hang out with dogs all day." In March 2020, I was given the opportunity to re-evaluate my career (and my life) and built up the courage to pursue a life dream of becoming a professional dog lover and business owner. 

As if the stars aligned, my current groomer and kindred spirit was looking to enrich her business by offering a groomer apprenticeship program. After completing my Pet Grooming Certification and an intensive 10-month (1560 hour) apprentice program, my passion for dogs, and being the front line to their well-being, has been awakened. The fulfillment received from being surrounded by dogs every day has nourished and challenged my soul in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I can't wait to continue my grooming journey with you!

As a dog mom, I understand the importance of finding a safe, patient and loving groomer. Grooming experiences (good & bad) follow your dog throughout his or her lifetime. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to provide a thoughtful grooming service that is stress free, fun and as joyful as possible for your pup. Secretly, I also enjoy all the extra dog snuggles.   

who are Pete & Izzie?

Well, of course, they are my dogs and they deserve their very own social club! 

Izzie, my sweet baby Maltese, exponentially made my life better in 2009 when my co-workers' dogs had puppies. From a single girl in Denver to a married gal in Florida, she has been my partner-in-crime and best mate through it all. She loves treats, going on vacation with her mom & dad and napping on big fluffy pillows.

Peyton, or as his friends call him, Pete, joined our family in 2016. My husband and I were big fat foster failures for a local Oakland Park animal rescue.  We think he is a Chihuahua-Chinese Crested Mix, but as our vet says, the only thing guaranteed is that he's 100% dog.  He is our sweet little buddy, who is always down for a long walk, soaking up the sun or a good cuddle.      

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