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boutique doggy daycare

At Pete & Izzie's Social Club we offer a boutique doggy daycare environment, which is more suitable for small dogs.  Our grooming clients enjoy the cage-less grooming experience so your dog will join the pack at the grooming studio. We provide water, snack time (you may also bring your own), cozy beds for naps, group walks and plenty of dog cuddles.

Socializing is available at the Social Club:  Tuesday-Friday - 8:30am-5:30pm

Dog socializing is more than just exercising. Yes, it's important to take your dog for a walk or play fetch, but socializing provides stimulation and allows your dog to be introduced to new sights, smells, noises and most importantly, FRIENDS! 

benefits to socializing
  • They are more comfortable, relaxed and receptive to meeting and being around a variety of people and other dogs

  • They aren't home alone

  • Their positive behaviors are reinforced by learning from others which leads to a more well-rounded dog

  • They are encouraged to react to the stimulation around them in a healthy way, without unnecessary fear, aggression or overprotective behavior

  • They have a safe space if they suffer from separation anxiety

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