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Now you and your dog can both enjoy the benefits of healing crystals.

Create your own Crystal Healing Package and begin a wonderful healing practice.

Your package includes:

  • Smudge Bundle
  • 3 Healing Crystals of your choosing (include your selections in the notes section)
  • Velvet pouch

Pet Crystal Healing Package

  • Dalmation Jasper: The Supreme Nurturing stone. Its grounding ability supports tranquility and inner strength during times of stress or danger. Helps alleviate fears and promotes love, loyalty, and long-term relationships.

    Amethyst: The Master Healer. A powerful healing stone that is excellent for animals that suffer from separation anxiety. A very calming stone that helps animals to relax and soothes hot headed animals. Aids in training. Amethyst is a powerful all-round healer.

    Smoky Quartz: The Protection Crystal-- protects and maintains the positive energy surrounding it. A must-have if you have multiple pets at home as it creates a calm and grounding atmosphere for your pets to socialize. Heals the body, eases pain, rejuvenating the muscles, and heals ailments related to the reproductive and nervous systems.

    Rose Quartz: All about Love and Balance. Will help to heal past abuse and cruelty, so is great for rescue animals. Rose Quartz helps an animal to forgive, let go and learn to accept love and companionship without fear. Also ideal for pets with sickness or injury and aids in a smoother transitional acceptance of a new family member (another dog or new baby).

    Carnelian: The Sunshine stone. Carnelian promotes confidence, happiness and harmony. Will boost self-esteem and release sorrow or depression. Will bring a ray of sunshine to elderly animals. Helps animals that are lacking in focus and is ideal for animals that have a poor appetite, skin problems or those feeling weak during illness.

    Clear Quartz: Universal Crystal & Master Healer. Effective for many conditions-- physical, spiritual, mental, emotional. Amplifies positive energy and protects against negative energies. Encourage healing, boost the immune system and alleviate symptoms of pain and inflammation. Heightens communication between dog and owner, so useful during training sessions as it strengthens mental clarity but also helps with bonding. When using Clear Quartz, you should clear the energy in the evenings, as it will absorb any negative vibes with which your pet has come into close contact.

  • Before using your stones and crystals, be sure to sage (clear) any previously absorbed energies. You want to start with a clear and energized crystal. You will also want to periodically clear and energize your crystals to ensure the most positive outcome.

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